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  • FACT Group Services

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  • Client Acceptance Policy

      • Business, Tax, Corporate & Advisory Services  

      • We are a multidisciplinary, forward-looking organisation offering a wide range of professional & independent financial services and advice ranging from accountancy, business advisory, local & international tax planning and compliance, corporate finance, management and legal support work, company formation & re-domiciliation, back office services, mergers and liquidations, staff recruitment as well as assistance with all strategic, technical support and other applications for fiscal or EU funding benefits in the life of the company and/or the enterprise.
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      • Fiduciary & Trust Services

      • Through one of its group companies, which is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority, FACT group is also able to create Trusts and act as Trustees in accordance with the "Trust and Trustees Act". As Trustees, we would be available to provide the full management and administration of the property held in trust for ultimate the benefit of the beneficiaries.   Furthermore, we can provide mandatory services to act as shareholders on fiduciary basis to clients who wish to safeguard their privacy in their business ownership and operations.
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      • Audit Services

      • Audit and assurance services form a major part of the work we do for our clients on a continuing basis . FACT Audit performs various types of audit, from those related to statutory and obligatory audits to other internal and specialised audits which aim at various and specific targets, including with the identification to help the organisations achieve their objectives, succeed in the economy through measuring performance, assessing risks, and leveraging knowledge, review of management and operational systems, processes, internal controls and reporting and other numerous objectives programmed by either the Board or the stake holders in those entities.
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    • FACT Group reserves the right to accept or deny any client individual or company who for any reason do not comply with the company's high ethical standards as demanded by the rules and regulations applicable within the accounting profession.