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    • Our Philosophy

    • FACT group is committed to provide its existing and potential clients the true, real, factual and no-nonsense information related to Finance, Accounting, Corporate & Tax matters.

      These four areas are undoubtedly considered the main pillars and most fundamental considerations any business venture must have from the outset. In today's day and age, with complex legislations, rapid economic changes, highly competitive markets and globalisation factors, no business can be successful if it fails to plan its financial capabilities, be aware and address its constraints, set-up fundamental accounting systems, controls and processes, create a sound corporate & management structure and perform an in-depth analysis of the tax implications in order to set up an efficient tax plan to avoid unnecessary outflows within its business processes.

      To this effect, one of our philosophies is to anticipate the customer and remain a customer-focused firm. We are keen to keep abreast of new approaches, techniques, methodologies and to generate opportunities of improving present trends by working with its clients as a partner and to provide comprehensive training programs and integrated systems.

      At FACT group, our extensive coverage and services are tailored to serve all your needs. We believe that each of our customers is different in the way they do their business and accordingly we impart values to their processes.

      Another philosophy in our group is to take a holistic approach to our tasks and particularly in business advisory services and audit / assurance work, we strive hard to address every opportunity for the improvement of organisational performance. This involves addressing the internal loopholes and flawed transactions of the client.

      Our staff is our greatest asset. We are a talented group of motivated professionals working to create an atmosphere of professional excellence and innovation. Ultimately, we embrace the philosophy that since our clients trust us and they pay reasonable fees for our services, we believe in the most basic concept that they deserve to get the best and nothing less. Local and International clients who have put trust in our services have our commitment and pledge for quality service as a guarantee.

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    • Client Policy

    • FACT Group reserves the right to accept or deny any client individual or company who for any reason do not comply with the company's high ethical standards as demanded by the rules and regulations applicable within the accounting profession.