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      • Why Malta?

          •  Choosing Malta to set up business for international activities

            - Malta is a member of the EU and is in the eurozone - therefore has easy access to European markets 

            - Strategically located in the centre of the Mediterranean, between Northern Africa and Southern Europe 

            - Malta is emerging as one of the fastest growing international financial services centres in the world, with a reputation built on sound fundamentals and excellent service 

            - Highly attractive onshore jurisdiction with favourable fiscal regime for internal activities and double taxation treaties with some 50+ countries 

            - Rigorous yet flexible regulatory framework 

            - Highly skilled, multilingual workforce of efficient and qualified professionals in all disciplines 

            - Low operating costs compared to other financial centres 

            - Considered as one of the EU front runners in IT adoption and has a favourable regulatory framework for electronic money and banking / financial institutions 

            - Various sophisticated multiple financial products and solutions for international business needs