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    • Business Related FACT Sheets

      • Funds

          • Fund registration and administration in Malta

            - Prime onshore domicile and advantageous jurisdiction for the establishment of funds, fund administration and global custody services 

            - Flexible investment structures with the possibility of servicing foreign-based funds in Malta 

            - Legislation adopting European Directives - MiFID, Third EU Money Laundering Directive, Capital Requirements Directive and UCITS III 

            - Investment Services Act - principal legislation governing the funds industry, providing statutory basis for licensing and regulation 

            - Collective Investment Schemes (CISs)  set up to collect funds from the public, pool them and invest the pool in assets 

            - Basic structure of CIS is the SICAV, which can be listed on the Malta Stock Exchange 

            - SICAV allows sub-funds or segregated cells to be established within it, allowing each to pursue a range of specialized strategies, investing in distinct asset types and classes 

            - Professional Investor Fund (PIF) - popular type of fund which targets increasingly financially literate investors 

            - Legislation also provides for setting up of UCITS and non-UCITS retail and permits the redomiciliation of funds to Malta and from Malta