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      • Maritime

          • Incentives for registering vessels in Malta

            - Malta's maritime history is one of the oldest in the world - over 4,500 years old - Malta's flag 

            - home to the 2nd largest merchant fleet in Europe; 8th worldwide; listed on the reputable Paris MoU White List

            - Low operating costs and beneficial financial structures - Sector regulated by Transport Malta, providing a 24/7 service for vessel registration plus readily available technical staff 

            - Sliding fee structure - reduced registration fees and tonnage tax to young vessels

            - Legally constituted corporate bodies or entities (irrespective of nationality) or European Union citizens may register all types of vessels under the Malta flag 

            - Legislation provides for bareboat charter registration of foreign ships under the Malta flag and bareboat charter registration of Maltese ships under a foreign flag - vessels enjoy same rights and privileges and have same obligations as Malta registered ships 

            - Superyacht owners may register their yachts as commercial vessels, paying an annual tax on the tonnage instead of income tax on earnings