Redomiciliation Of Companies

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Redomiciliation Of Companies.

Possibility to move foreign companies to Malta without the need to wind up operations

  • Malta legislation allows redomiciliation of foreign companies to Malta and vice versa
  • Foreign entity retains its legal personality and most importantly will not disrupt its business activities
  • Simple initial redomiciliation procedure, requiring the foreign company to place a request to the Malta Registrar of Companies
  • A Provisional Certificate of Continuation is issued upon receipt of the request mentioned earlier
  • Within six months, the foreign company must submit documentary evidence to the Registrar that it has ceased to be a company registered in the jurisdiction where it was previously incorporated, and upon receipt of this documentary evidence, the Registrar shall issue a Certificate of Continuation
  • The company becomes domiciled and resident in Malta for Income Tax purposes and is therefore eligible for the tax benefits applicable for any Maltese company – No tax or other levy is charged during the redomiciliation process of the company to Malta

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