Malta extends Nomad Residency benefits, aims to retain Digital Nomads

Malta extends Nomad Residency benefits, aims to retain Digital Nomads

In a bid to bolster its appeal to digital nomads, the Residency Malta Agency announced today significant updates to its Nomad Residency Permit, set to take effect from April 1st, 2024. The revisions aim to further streamline the process and continue attracting top talent to the Mediterranean island.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Processing Time

The Nomad residence permit beneficiaries can now apply for a renewal for a third time, extending their maximum stay in Malta to four years in total, as opposed to the previous three. The renewal option is open to all applicants, provided they meet the program’s eligibility criteria and demonstrate a cumulative stay of at least five months within the previous permit validity period. The application process under the Malta Nomad Residence Permit takes 60 working days.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Requirements (updated 2024)

Another update communicated by the Agency refers to the minimum annual gross income to be demonstrated by the applicants, which should amount to at least €42,000.  This requirement is effective April 1st, 2024, for all new applicants.  Existing beneficiaries who were granted the Nomad status under the previous requirement of €32,400, and who are seeking permit renewal will maintain their original income conditions. Furthermore, applicants whose applications were submitted before April 1st, 2024, remain unaffected by the adjustment.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Application

These enhancements underscore Malta’s commitment to attracting and retaining digital nomads and remote workers, while enhancing the attractiveness of the Nomad Residency Permit program.  By adapting its program to meet the evolving needs of the digital workforce, Malta reaffirms its status as a leading destination for global professionals seeking a vibrant and supportive environment to pursue their endeavors.

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